Partnership with Oceneo

The partnership between Oceneo and ESCF is very recent but promises to last. It is rooted in our strong shared commitment to protecting the planet and the ocean.

Oceneo recovers wetsuits to recycle them and transform them into glasses, floor pillows, and other accessories. Production is local and the products are recycled. Oceneo also works with job placement groups. At ESCF, we think this partnership is a great natural fit.

The ESCF team is very impressed by this positive initiative.

Protecting the ocean is one of our fundamental values and is in our DNA. We fully support recovering and recycling a maximum quantity of  waste so the partnership with Oceneo just makes good sense. We are delighted to be able to lend our support to this great initiative!

The objects created from recycled neoprene wetsuits are incredible and very beautiful. Although the brand highlights their ethical commitment, product design is also critical. With its selection of colourful floor cushions and glasses named after towns in southwest France, the range is set to expand.

For the first year, a test was conducted with the Bourdaines school; today the idea is to bring on board all five ESCF schools to recover a maximum of wetsuits. Given our policy of renewing our equipment (replacement of half of our boards and wetsuits every year), ESCF is delighted to have found a useful way of recycling this potential waste.

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