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ESCF, is a close-knit network of surf schools with more than 15 years’ experience.

We are a close-knit network of surf schools created and run by professionals who all love surfing.

We founded ESCF, the French surf school network, because we want to share our love of the ocean and the unique sensations that only surfing can bring you. Created in 1998, our surf schools are rooted in more than 15 years’ experience sharing our passion for surfing. All of our instructors are certified professionals who love surfing and spend most of their time in or near the ocean.
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At ESCF three fundamental values guide everything we do and inspire us to provide you with exceptional surf experiences.







Passionate about surfing, dedicated to you having an amazing time
Every ESCF team member is passionate about surfing and the ocean. And we are always looking for the best waves to make sure you have a great time. Our goal? To share our love of surfing with you and make sure you have an exceptional, memorable surf experience every time. Naturally a fundamental aspect of surfing is making sure you stay safe in and out of the water, which is why all our instructors are certified professionals. We are committed to teaching ocean awareness, surf etiquette and safety in all our classes. Our qualified surf instructors are also great individuals who are genuinely committed to sharing their love of surfing and surf values. Whether you are a total beginner or more experienced surfer, our dedicated crew of instructors is always excited to share their enthusiasm and positive energy with you, while giving you constructive tips to improve your surf skills. Our instructors are all state-certified and many have already competed in national and international surf competitions.
Just remember that there is no “right” age or particular conditions to start surfing. It’s never too late to start. But be careful: once you start surfing, it’s hard to stop! So when is it your turn to catch a wave?


Keeping it fun, inspiring a passion for surfing
Do you know what we love to see in ESCF surf schools ? Your smiles along with the happy faces of your kids or friends during and after a surf class with us. Whether you are surfing for the first time or looking to perfect your surf skills, we know that above all most people want to have fun with their families and friends while surfing. Our instructors, many of whom have surfed all over the world, have been based in the Landes and Pays Basque region for many years, and they are delighted to share their favourite spots in the region with you! Ancrés dans les Landes et le Pays Basque depuis de nombreuses années, nos moniteurs se feront un plaisir de partager avec vous leurs bons plans de la région ! Our goal? To make sure you bring back amazing memories of your surf experience with us. So that wherever you are, you’ll be counting the days till you get back on a board!


Dedicated to quality surf instruction and equipment
Surf equipment quality is critical for everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Every year, half of our stock of boards and wetsuits is renewed. You won’t ever be given a damaged or worn board or wetsuit in one of our schools. We provide full wetsuits for kids to ensure they always stay warm in the water no matter the season (even in high summer). We are also one of the few schools equipped with wetsuits designed specifically for women. All ESCF surf schools are committed to respecting the same quality charter guidelines. Illustrating this quality commitment, each of our schools has been awarded the government certified “Qualité Tourisme” label. Audited every five years, each school must meet a range of quality commitments that we bring to everything we do.

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